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» and » Press ALT+F2 and type « /msg ubottu helpcentral » JMichaelX: mcphail, ty! ubottu: ubuntu is not an option.. Tixer2: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :) I need to use Windows/ Tixer2: that's a good idea, then. I use Windows 7 Home Premium and I'm using virtualbox. Tixer2, Tixer2: so are you planning on dual booting? Yep Tixer2: what are you trying to do? I'm trying to install Ubuntu Tixer2: which version of ubuntu are you trying to install? Ubuntu 10.10 But it keeps freezing. Tixer2: what cpu/memory are you using? I don't know.. Tixer2: run uname -r JMichaelX, It's using virtualbox Tixer2: is there anything in the host OS that would cause that? I don't think so The host OS is Windows 7 Tixer2: ok, so no idea. But it's not Windows 7 Tixer2: yes, but a virtualbox guest is not a real operating system. Oh, okay. JMichaelX: have you had




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Eurosoft Pc Check 6.21 Iso Download devkea
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