OTIUMfinancial plan - virtual or phone

One hour meeting. Deliver and discuss your OTIUMfinancial plan pdf.

This annual renewing membership allows you to meet with one of our licensed OTIUMfinancial advisors. The OTIUMfinancial plan is an in-depth deep dive into your customly built, personalized living document.  Here we convey the details and help add clarity to your financial well being.

Annual Membership - $425

OTIUMfinancial Consult- virtual or phone

OTIUMfinancial analysis of mutual fund, index and ETF's.

Discuss individual investments i.e. mutual funds, ETF's, etc...  

Fee Structure Analysis i.e. expense ratios, management fees, share class analysis, etc...

*not for individual stock tips*

30 min session - $100

Passive Access Membership

Unlimited financial planning software access for the do it yourself-er

Unlimited financial planning software access for the do it yourself-er.  With additional access to The Vault.  The Vault allows you to put all of your financial data, statements, estate planning and tax documents into one secure place.  

Monthly Access - $17.99 per month

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