A financial plan is an all inclusive deep dive into a person's income and current assets to accurately predict future financial health.  “Financial Planing” may stoke fears of; over compensated commission and fee based brokers, insurance agents and financial advisors.  
You may also feel Financial Planing is for the wealthy or rich. These stigmas are now a thing of the past with OTIUMfinancial.
Unlike most financial firms, we have no sale or revenue target goals to hit in order to attain a sales incentive. Which puts the client first.  No commissions or big bonuses for pushing product or consolidating assets into one custodian.  We are about building relationships.  Because we are virtual, we meet wherever you are in the country, thus keeping everyone safe.
Every person will immensely benefit and needs an OTIUMfinancial Plan. 
No matter your income or asset level.

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