• Do you have an investment account (brokerage, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, 401k, 403b etc.)?

  • What are the underlying cost of the investments or account?

  • The fees you pay... where and who do they go to?

  • Do you have a broker/advisor/agent?

  • Do you understand why you are invested in the assets in your portfolio?

  • Who is keeping your broker/advisor/agent accountable?

  • How often does your broker/advisor/agent call and what is the intention behind it?

  • How do you choose your investments and allocations in your accounts?

  • Do you invest yourself and what is your process?

  • Where do you get your advice?

  • How much risk are you taking in your allocation?

  • How often do you rebalance?

  • Do you know how to read your statements or do they confuse you?

  • How much do you have saved for retirement?

  • How much will you need for retirement?


OTIUMfinancial is an independent financial services company with a different approach.  

Our goal is to evaluate your current investments  and give you a fiduciary recommendation. 

We accomplish this by:

  • Understanding your goal(s).

  • Gathering the data you provide.

  • Analyzing your current investments.

  • Provide documentation of results.  

  • Answer the how/why/if/cost of the positions and are they a fit for you.  


Choose one of our unique options below.

Senior Man Working from Home

OTIUMfinancial Complimentary Consultation - virtual or phone

Learn more about our services and set up time to talk with one of our OTIUMexperts.

Click on the Complimentary Consultation link up top or the link below to schedule. 

This is a zero commitment meeting.  You will learn more about OTIUMfinancial to see if we are the right fit.  We will try to direct you to the right place for your concerns if we are not.  


OTIUMfinancial Consult- virtual or phone

OTIUMfinancial analysis of mutual funds, index's and ETF's.

Discuss individual investments i.e. stocks, mutual funds, ETF's, insurance policy's, annuity contracts, etc...  

Fee Structure Analysis i.e. expense ratios, management fees, share class analysis, etc...

30 min session - $100

Questions before you book? Feel free to reach out at: info@otiumfinancial.com or call 312-725-9884

Video Conference

OTIUMfinancial X-Ray - virtual or phone

The OTIUMfinancial X-Ray is an in-depth deep dive into your custom built, personalized analysis.  We convey the details and add clarity to your financial well being.

We will allocate the time needed to deliver and discuss your OTIUMfinancial  X-Ray.

OTIUMfinancial X-Ray - $425

Questions before you book? Feel free to reach out at: info@otiumfinancial.com or call 312-725-9884

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Passive Access


Unlimited financial planning software access for the do it yourself-er.  

Additional access to The Vault.  The Vault, allows storage of all your financial data, statements, estate planning and tax documents into one secure place.  

Monthly Access - $17.99 per month

Questions before you book? Feel free to reach out at: info@otiumfinancial.com or call 312-725-9884




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Virtually and by phone nationwide

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